Exchange and Return Policy: 

  • - Exchange and return is a guaranteed right for all our customers, and it includes all the products that we offer on our store.
  • - All products offered on our store are subject to exchange and return policy in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated on this page.
  • - Return or exchange can be made if the product is in the same condition as the original at the time of purchase and wrapped in the original packaging.
  • - Return within three (3) days and exchange within seven (7) days from the date of purchase.
  • - Please contact us via the Contact Us page or via our phone numbers in order to request a return or exchange.
  • - Please photograph the product and send it specifying the city, address and order number to be replaced with another product in the event that the product is spoiled or has a certain defect, or is not used as agreed.
  • - The full amount will be refunded to the customer in the event that the product he received is completely different with the product description on the product page of our website.
  • - We are not responsible for any expectations of the use of products by the customer that we did not mention on the product page of our site.
  • - A 30% deduction or a value of not less than AED 25 if the customer does not want the product and does not have a defect or any problem.